I left Mr. Greene. No reason. I was bored one day, went for a drive, and saw a house for rent. So I moved. At first, he thought I was just Spring Cleaning. I do this a few times a year. Every time there seems like a seasonal change, I start packing things up into boxes, washing down the house, dusting the window sills, and vacuuming the cat. With Arizona’s weather this happens about six times in the Winter/Spring months and four times during the Oh God, Please Help Us/End of Summer season.

I found the perfect little house. It’s in a nice neighborhood. We also get to stay in our community, so I won’t miss the latest gossip. We have a yard big enough for a real garden. (Yes, Ms. Black Thumb is feeling adventurous, again) and a swimming pool. I figure while I backwash the swimming pool, I can also water the garden. It’s everything I want in a house. Little woodland creatures even come to my door just to listen to me sing as I put out the laundry. Well, they are really more snakes and turkey vultures that I see and I think they’re actually running away. But, I do sing.

But, that sly one. Mr. Greene followed me. One day I was bringing in a load from the house. I thought he had gone to the golf course for his morning exercise, but I found him standing in my brand new kitchen cooking up breakfast. It was the first time in years he had made breakfast.

So, I took half and let him stay. I needed someone to help pay the rent, anyway.

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