Not for the Weak of Heart

It’s my favorite time of year. We just had a hail storm that decided to take a tour of the state. This means my air conditioning unit can take a nap and I might be able to start prepping my garden.

Yesterday the Arizona Cardinals had their first REAL game of the season. FOOTBALL! Yes, I do enjoy it. I’m not obsessed, yet it’s makes for fun family time. My second youngest son is a Cardinals fan, while the rest of the family have our hearts devoted to the Green Bay Packers. The most fun is when the two teams play against each other. It becomes a challenge between our son and Mr. Greene on who is going to win.

Football season has always been my favorite time of year. In high school the games and dances that followed created memories, both good and bad, to carry for a lifetime. I met one of my favorite girl friends while attending one of my first high school football games. Now that she lives in Wisconsin, she better be a devoted Packers, too.

The season changes. The air is crisp, while the scent from tailgate parties fills the air. Meanwhile, Mr. Greene gets an urge to throw on a helmet and pad his shoulders, so he can tackle somebody. He says he doesn’t understand,either. Especially since he hasn’t played football since he was 13. It isn’t as if he has an urge to wrestle every time he sees a wrestling match.

But, that’s the magic of football season.

But, if you’re a Cardinals fan, it’s best to have your blood pressure checked. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you are actually breathing every chance you get. If the Cardinals are good at one thing, it’s generally how to turn a winning game into a losing one at the very last minute. I know they did win yesterday. I was keeping track and could feel my blood pressure going up, down, up, down, and was that sideways?

Which is why I say, football is not for the weak of heart. It’s a sport where manly men get to romp around in the mud, chasing an oblong ball, trash talking and dogpiling on each other, and no one thinks twice about being smacked on the back end.

The season is here and it looks like it’s going to be amazing. So, let’s pull out the grill, get our cheesehead hats, and watch us some football.

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