Seven Ways to Waste Your Friday Afternoon

Do you work at a mind numbing office job? Did the excitement of last weekend’s three days off make the four day work week drag on longer than overtime in Hell?

Good news! There is hope on the horizon. No. You are not going to start working from home and setting your own crazy schedule. Then, you’d be me and have no reason to read this.

One of the most entertaining things about beating the Friday “I wanna leave” blues is to entertain yourself with a little creativity. Of course, too much creativity could give you a permanent vacation.

(1) Organize Your Life Your desk. Your computer files. Read through each email you have saved since 2006.

(2) Talk to a co-worker. Make sure you approach the situation with an, “I need your help on this project” kind of attitude. After your initial questioning is done, linger a few minutes –or an hour — longer. If a supervisor comes by, revert back to your original question.

(3) Linger around the break room. You aren’t lingering. You’re cleaning up. Why aren’t you working? Someone had to get rid of the science projects in the fridge.

(4) Write random email to your co-workers. Make the subject lines are work related, but the content might look more like a random collection of puzzles and bad jokes.

(5) Call for an impromptu meeting If you are in a management position, instead of a cog, this works better. Call for a meeting that really has no point. You know everyone else is likely to be planning their weekend already, so it really doesn’t matter what you say. Just so long as it’s in an authoritative, monotone voice. Channel Ben Stein and you’re set.

(6) Schedule a business lunch Not only do you get out of the office and get to eat, the company is picking up the tab. You also look like you’re doing something important.

(7)Facebook or blog Unless it’s blocked, we all know you’re Facebooking during business hours anyhow. Your boss is probably Facebooking more than you are. That’s why he’s passed his workload onto you, after all.
The problem will be convincing the powers-that-be that you are actually conducting research, in order to tweak the marketing strategy of your company. Especially challenging if marketing is not your department and you know someone will expect to see the finished product.

Or, maybe you plan on actually working. An odd concept, but doable. Just smile and think that you get to sleep in tomorrow. Unless, you have that dreaded overtime. Then, we’ll talk later.

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