Memorial Day

When I was a little girl, I thought Memorial Day was a day to honor ALL of our dead.  This idea started, because it was the day my father generally chose to go to the cemetery to visit the grave of the beautiful woman who gave me my name.  This is also where I began my interest in wandering through cemeteries.  As Daddy paid his respects, I would wander around looking at the graves and wondering what kind of stories were now silenced. 

As I grew older, I found out the real reason for Memorial Day.  Started as a way to honor the dead from the Civil War, it now extends to all of our soldiers who gave their lives.   My neighborhood used to have a Memorial Day ceremony,  There were inspirational speakers and the last year we even got to see the missing man formation overhead.  Not a bad event for something created on someone’s front porch. 

The last few years I have preferred to attend mass at that same cemetery I remember from my childhood. My daddy is buried there now.   After the Memorial Day Mass was finished I would visit Daddy’s grave, pay my respects, then wander around, just as I did as a little girl, looking at all the old graves and wondering what kind of stories they had.  Especially, the soldiers’  graves. 

This morning, I was not able to get to the cemetery, which makes me sad.  I consoled myself by running and walking.  Now I spend a moment in remembrance.    Knowing that all I have and can do has a price.  It’s a well worn cliche, but one that should never be forgotten.  The price of freedom is high. Freedom is never free.


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