The Five Senses and a Good Hat


Back in the 1980s, there was a television show called “Night Court”. It starred Harry Anderson as Judge Harry Stone. He was a bit of a nerdy character. Always popping off goofy puns, enjoyed magic tricks and jokes, wore a fedora hat and had an obsession with the music of Mel Torme. Of course, I had a crush on that character.

It is true. Despite what my best girl friend, Patty, says, I have always had a thing for what might be called a geek. Give me a man who can make me laugh until I am in tears, who can hold an intellectual and interesting (Note: INTERESTING, is the key word) discussion on a variety of topics, enjoys an array of beautiful music (especially if Big Band is somewhere in there), and can properly wear a fedora, and I am smitten. But, that’s all on a get-to-know you basis.

What makes the first attraction?

Men are visual. It’s very obvious, when you see a shapely lady walking down the street and have to remind each man who saw her to politely wipe the drool off their chin. Unless, they’re gay. In which case, they were probably too busy thinking about Neil Patrick Harris to notice.

But, what about women? They always go for these musclebound lunkheads, you might be thinking.

‘Tis true. There is something about a man who has strong arms and a chest you want to touch. So long as the body is proportionate. The last thing that looks good is a huge, knobby body coupled with a head so small, it looks like a headhunter’s trophy.  Even if average musclebound lunkhead looks good, if he smells like a sewer and/or has a voice like Justin Bieber, any female over the age of 12 isn’t going to grasp much interest.

But, if he has a voice like Sean Connery or Sam Elliot….. Especially Sam Elliot. Well, there’s a voice that can tell me a bedtime story any night.

 Where was I? Oh, yes. Let’s not forget scent. The natural scent of a man is something that gives me chills. Sometimes it can be enhanced a little with cologne or oils. Not motor oil, mind you. Although, a man who is eye-catching and has just fixed your car is quite an attraction.

 There are many different scents on the market. Some of them make a lady want to snuggle. Others are very yummy, indeed.

Now, Old Spice. Highly NOT recommended. I don’t care if it gives you hallucinations of being on a boat. It’s called OLD Spice and smells like you’re covering up for the smell of the mothballs from your monthly ventures in leisure suit wearing.

That covers the first attraction for me. A man with strong arms who smells nice and has a voice who can tell yummy bedtime stories. . The kindness and generosity are things that should not go unmentioned. If he can also be child-like, but not childish, then you have a recipe worthy of trying out. The rest comes with friendship and time.

 It’s your turn. What are the first qualities you notice? What attracts you?

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