Say hello to the Cranky old lady

When a lady reaches a certain age, those around her notice she has become more abraisive.  Cranky, even.  What do you mean has become?   This lady has always been abraisive and cranky.  But, as the years move on, the elders who I needed to be polite for, are now long dead and no longer rolling around in their graves.  Those my own age are too busy  groaning about their own aches and pains, while moaning, “I’m so old,” to anyone within earshot. 

This is when the time seems  right to speak my mind and tell those people, “Shut your trap!”  You haven’t broken a hip this week and you are mostly standing upright.  It doesn’t matter that the high school kids you outran a few years ago are now running past you.  That’s because when you outran them, they could barely stand enough to walk across the room.   As I used to tell my daddy, “You aren’t over the hill until you’re under it.”

As for the younger generation, I have hope for some and very little for the rest.   My greatest respect goes for the young men and women who show great poise and modesty.  Those who will make the underdog feel a little less under.  But, for those who want to tell me what to eat, what to drive–or not to –or that I am taking too many breaths per day.  Once you figure out how to properly put on your own pants, practice a little personal hygeine, and  pay your own bills, without mummy and papa’s credit cards, then maybe we can begin a rational discussion.  By that time you might know a little more about what makes the real world go ’round. 

There are a lot of things in the world that make me cranky.  Like a proper lady, I generally have kept the thoughts to myself. Sometimes those thoughts might be considered deadly.  But, now I have a place to write them out and share them with whoever wishes to peer inside this page. 

Just remember, it’s a Monday and Tax Day.  Which means, it’s an especially good day for a drink. Or two. Or four.

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  1. Welcome to wordpress…I look forward to reading what you have to say. 🙂

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